Solar Awnings and Carports

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More Electricity/ more value per Area than Conventional Solar Panels

For many retailers and small businesses, electricity expenses are among top operational expenses cutting directly into the company’s profits.

Blue Lightning’s unique design paired with Sunpreme’s high efficiency, bi-facial solar panels produce more solar electricity per square foot than any other solar technology.

Since roof-top area is a limiting factor on the size of the solar system, Blue Lightning builds the roof surface using Sunpreme’s bi-facial panels. This both saves the cost of standard roofing materials like shingles, wood decking, tar paper or metal and generates electricity from both sides of the panel which boosts the solar system’s power by up to 20%. All this while letting natural light into your home or work spaces.

For the best return on investment, installer, owners, and designers choose Blue Lightning with Sunpreme panels to provide the lowest cost solar energy for their business or home. Built with durability and safety in mind, Blue Lightning’s steel and aluminum frame with Sunpreme’s double-glass panels are Class A fire rated and are built to last over 25 years.

Operating in some of the harshest wind and rain environments, Sunpreme’s frameless, dual-glass panel design is built to withstand hurricane force winds over 185mph during tropical storms. Yet, with a ultra-thin profile of 4-6mm without a frame or unsightly plastic back sheet, our modules are attractive enough to display in prominent structures like carports, terraces, and residential rooftops as sky lights that can extend over the entire roof.

Solar carports have quickly become a popular solar system for K through 12 schools, municipalities, and corporate parking lots for reducing electricity costs and environmental impact.  With area being a premium on these structures, Sunpreme’s high efficiency bi-facial modules produce more electricity than any other solar technology. 
The two-sided solar module produces clean electricity from the light reaching the top and reflecting from the bottom of the carport.  Due to its all-glass construction, Sunpreme’s solar modules are rugged against wind, snow, hot, and humid environments.  The sleek, transparent solar module gives any structure a visual statement of a premium, clean energy system.

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