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Blue Lightning Solar offers the best technology available to meet your home and business energy needs. We are a values-driven Boise-based business serving the entire Treasure Valley.  With our proprietary technology, we offer a longer-lasting, better performing racking system that beats the price of standard installs. We only use the most efficient solar modules and inverters, giving our customers the highest value for their money. Whether you want to reduce your electric bill, have a smart energy backup during power outages or minimize your environmental footprint, solar makes sense!

There is no longer any reason not to have some form of solar power. The range of incentives, including federal tax credits and low interest state energy loan programs, make solar an affordable option!

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Partnering with Umpqua Bank in Boise, we now offer financing solutions with rates as low as 4%. Sign up to talk to one of our Energy Consultants to get a free estimate and learn about our financing options! 


What We Do

Battery Systems

Have you ever wondered how to: Create your own renewable energy or backup power system for your home, business, cabin, or cottage? Bring reliable, fuel-free power to remote locations and job sites? Increase the range of your electric vehicle or utility cart? Provide power to your RV or weekend warrior camping experience? Introducing the Blue Lightning Range Xender. Featuring the Xantrex Powerhub 1800, the portable backup and renewable power system that allows you to independently create your own energy.
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PV Installations

For many retailers and small businesses, electricity expenses are among top operational expenses cutting directly into the company’s profits. Blue Lightning’s unique design paired with Sunpreme’s high efficiency, bi-facial solar panels produce more solar electricity per square foot than any other solar technology. Since roof-top area is a limiting factor on the size of the solar system, Blue Lightning builds the roof surface using Sunpreme’s bi-facial panels. This both saves the cost of standard roofing materials like shingles, wood decking, tar paper or metal and generates electricity from both sides of the panel which boosts the solar system’s power by up to 20%.
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